Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Outsource IT Company

outsource IT SupportSmall businesses have many reasons to outsource  IT support. There are many IT support companies out there, but not all of them are the same. It is important to research your options thoroughly and ask key questions when choosing the right IT company for your business.

These are the 10 questions that we recommend you ask outsource IT Support companies.

Are you a technical support specialist for small- to medium-sized companies?

You should ensure that the company you are considering hiring has worked in similar environments to yours. Many IT support companies work only with large businesses. Small business technical operations can be very different from large businesses.

How do we log support calls?

You should have several ways to reach your IT support team in case of an emergency. You can expect them to give you a number you can call, an online form that you can complete and an email address to send to your technician.

What are your response times to these questions?

Your IT support company should respond quickly to your problem when it comes to IT. You should keep in mind that the response time can vary depending on which level of support is purchased.

What do you include in your contract? 

Many IT companies will cover labor for hardware and software, and they may also cover travel to and from your company. If your company uses custom software made by another company, they may not cover it. Companies often charge more for devices that are connected to main computers, such as scanners or printers.

Who will actually come to my business? Who is responsible for my account?

You should ensure that your account is only handled by one or two technicians, and not a group of people who can respond to service calls. The technician should be familiar with how to navigate your office and the unique combination of hardware/software. They should also have extensive experience in this field.

Are you familiar with the equipment/system we use?

It is important to have the experience and knowledge of the platform your business uses if you need to rely upon a third party vendor.

How can we ensure that our data are secure?

This could be the most important question you ever ask. Most likely, your system contains sensitive data. The company to whom you outsource should have security measures in order to protect it. Will they be there if data recovery is needed?

Are you able to provide remote monitoring and management?

Is the IT support company that you are looking into using remote system monitoring to prevent problems from occurring? Or do they just arrive on-site to fix it when it breaks?

Could you please provide me with a list of reference companies that I could speak with?

Ask for references and don’t be afraid to ask! Referrals speak volumes about the integrity and quality of the company that you are hiring.

Consider asking references a few questions about the IT support company that you are considering.

  • Are they able to deliver on their promises?
  • Are they easy to reach? Are they responsive?
  • Are they able to communicate effectively?
  • Are they able to stay within their budget?
  • Would you consider using their services again?
  • What is it that you think makes your service special?

It is great to find out what distinguishes each service provider from another. Avoid relying on cliche answers like quality and value.

Listen for the true difference makers: commitment, service, and listening. Adtek Advanced Technologies is a great option to outsource IT support, call us at (843) 627-3079

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