network installationAn important part of any company that depends on the Internet to deliver at least some of their products or services is a strong, reliable network. Your business should never lose time due to a slow internet connection. You will still benefit from professional network installation, even if you try to do this yourself.

Professional Network Installation has Many Benefits

The process of network installation is intended to establish a reliable and fast network that allows your company to do business. It also ensures that your network infrastructure is robust. The way this is done depends on what you need. For example, do you want a wired or physical network? How many devices and systems will you be interconnecting?

These are five benefits to professional network installation.

You save time

You can technically do a network installation yourself, but you’ll likely spend more time doing it if you don’t get professional help. This is because you might need to know how to complete certain steps. A professional will be able to help you resolve any unforeseen problems faster than you. Ask for help to save yourself frustration and confusion.

Professionals Provide Optimal Speed

Network speedA related point is that an IT professional can optimize the speed of your newly-installed network. Internet connection speeds have improved significantly over the past decade. Statista reported that the average Internet connection speed for the United States during the first quarter 2017 was 18.75 megabits per sec (Mbps). This compares to the 3.87Mbps recorded in the first quarter 2010. Business Insider’s April 2020 report states that you need a minimum of 12 Mbps download speed to be able to browse the Internet comfortably. Experts are able to provide services at significantly higher speeds because they know how the different IT systems work together.

Initial Report on Security & Risk

A professional IT specialist will not only be able install your network. An IT professional can provide you with a report that will show you the potential risk of setting up a network and any security concerns your company may have. A score and chart may be used by this professional to evaluate your risk level and analyze any external vulnerabilities to data breach or other issues.

Lowering business costs

While it may seem like an overwhelming expense to have a professional install your network, it will pay off in the long-term. This is partly due to the fact that IT professionals know best which resources to use for network installations. These types of people will be up to date on technological innovations.

Tailor Networks to Your Business’s Specific Needs

Each organization has its own set of goals and needs. A network installation should be tailored to meet these needs and goals. You may want to use multiple networks to share key information about your business processes and strategies if you have offices across the globe. Routers can help link several networks.

Talk to an experienced managed IT services provider

For a professional network installation, contact Adtek Advanced Technologies Rock Hill. We strive to provide the best and most innovative IT solutions available today. We aim to understand our customers’ unique challenges and needs in order to tailor our services accordingly.

Adtek’s staff is highly qualified and has extensive knowledge about top OEMs as well as ISVs. We are confident in our decision due to the wide range of options we have. We provide detailed reports on network installation that will help you ensure your network is secure (i.e. no risks). Adtek offers an audit of your expenses and carrier services. Our clients are free from the responsibility for circuit provisioning or procurement by outsourcing their carrier management. We manage expenses such as Internet, SDWan and MPLS.

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