managed IT servicesComplex IT management can be very difficult. It takes a lot more effort and time than many small- and mid-sized business owners realize. A great IT team is worth its weight in gold, from selecting the right platforms and tools to integrate products and services across departments to supporting every device and scrap data.

The most important decision for your business’ health is to hire the right partner. The best-managed IT service firms are prepared for anything. Companies that had chosen an IT partner before the COVID-19 crisis struck were able seamlessly to transition their operations and people to the new work-from-home world.

IT Management Challenges Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Face Today

It is not easy to run a small business or a mid-sized one. Leaders of today’s businesses face new challenges, such as COVID-19 restrictions and protests, strikes, and navigating constantly changing government regulations. Your current problems make managing cash flow and employee retention seem almost routine,

IT Support is becoming more and more crucial in these times of constant change. Many companies consider their technology platforms their “office”. They operate mostly or partially online. Many employees work from home for many months, if not years. Managers and executives need to ensure that their teams have all the tools and techniques they need to succeed and help keep their company moving forward.

It is crucial to find the right partner for IT management services. It’s almost impossible for small and mid-sized businesses, regardless of their size, to manage all the security and technology issues that arise in today’s world. It is costly and time-consuming to build an internal IT team. This is where managed IT services from Adtek Advanced Technologies can help.

Adtek Advanced Technologies offers managed IT services and cyber security solutions for top-performing companies primarily in the Southeast, with a focus on North and South Carolina as well as Georgia.

Why do companies choose managed IT services over employing internally?

Most small and mid-sized businesses are faced with the decision of whether to create an IT department internally or partner with an external firm that offers IT management services (also known as IT consulting or outsourcing).

It is not an easy task to build an internal team. Building an internal IT department can take up to a year. To be effective, internal IT departments must have at least three distinct skills:

  1. IT Director or Manager – To provide leadership, strategic direction, and oversight for the rest of your team.
  2. System Administrator/Engineer – To design and manage more complex IT systems such as servers, networks, security, and cloud services.
  3. Field Technician or Help Desk – To provide routine remote and hands-on IT support services to your team.

You will find highly skilled trades in the construction and building industry (i.e. each IT role is unique, just as you can find highly skilled trades in the building and construction industry (i.e. electrician, plumber, finish carpenter). A single IT generalist is unlikely to bring a positive outcome for a company. This is because no one person has the necessary skills to perform all the IT functions that a growing company requires. It is not a good idea to hire internal IT specialists if your IT operating budget exceeds $300,000. This includes labor-only costs. This is the minimum amount required to cover the salary, benefits, and employer-side taxes of the three positions listed above.

A managed IT service provider can help you harness the skills and efficiency of an entire IT department for a fraction of the cost of one employee.

Adtek Advanced Technologies is here to help you in every stage of your IT growth. We’ll help you keep your work on track, from security services to strategic planning to back-up and recovery.

This is not a quick fix. This managed IT is tailored to your business’s needs.

Let’s get started. Adtek Advanced Technologies can help you lay the foundation for your company’s IT success.

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