Network Installation

network installationWe understand the value of our client’s time. Working with a wide range of clients, we know that every minute counts, hence we make it a point to always stay on schedule with your network installation. Here at Adtek Advanced Technologies, we strive to provide our clients with peace of mind through top-quality workmanship, timely installation, and premium products.

Adtek Advanced Technologies will cater to all of your needs from system assessments, site survey, network installation, and project closeout. Once a project has been completed, we provide extended manufacturer warranties on all Adtek products and supplies. You can rest assured that we will provide a fully tested cabling system that conforms to the latest standards. We will also provide labeling schemes and comprehensive test reports.

Adtek Advanced Technologies has the capacity to install any kind of cabling system for data centers, multi-building campus environments, and even classified clean rooms. Our team of experts can tackle the most challenging IT installation doing everything effectively, fast, flexible, and cost-effectively.

If you are planning on setting up a network installation and management, you can count on Adtek Advanced Technologies.

Network Installation Design

Nowadays, network engineers are faced with the challenge of future-proofing network designs that also offer solutions for current needs including speed and reliability.

One of the many goals of Adtek Advanced Technologies is to eliminate the risk out of network design. With proper planning, design, as well as implementation, there will be no room for risks but plenty of room for infrastructure reliability, improved performance, and future growth.

Here at Adtek Advanced Technologies, we understand that computer networks are the backbone of any business. That’s why you make sure that each network installation we make is thorough, reliable, secure, and manageable. Our network and installation services can cater to all of your needs including upgrades or a complete redesign of your network.

As with any type of computer network, it starts with network installation and management. This is done through understanding the client’s long-term and short-term goals. This is a crucial step that enables us to understand your needs and how your business operates. This will allow us to provide options that are suited for your business. This includes the number of computers, servers, and other network devices. We can also provide suggestions regarding the types of equipment to be used including, firewalls, routers, switches, and more. Our customer networking installation and management plan function to boost your business plan and conform to your budget. Once all implementations are complete, your bottom line should have noticeable improvements.

We also have professional network design and configuration services, meant for faster, and more efficient data processing. Our services also include a network security assessment, ensuring that you have the best level of security installed. Our certified IT professionals can help figure out which data you have requires the most protection. We will assist in the deployment of the right systems to ensure that your data remains safe.

Are you unsure of what your network really needs? If so, you should consider getting a system assessment from Adtek Advanced Technologies. We can assess your network, provide reports on potential problems, and provide solutions before any real problems appear. You may reach out to us today for professional network installation and management services.

network installationAdtek Advanced Technologies is a top provider of network installation and IT infrastructure. We provide professional IT support installation of wireless, video, data, and voice solutions. Our installation services include standard office drops, remote connection via fiber, and building to building wireless connectivity. We can provide cabling installation for just about any setup as our 30-year experience in the industry would prove.

Our network installation includes offer more than just physical cabling. We also offer a full suite of network installation services including:

  • Network planning
  • Network configuration
  • Network design

We also focus on network configuration, offering the following services:

  • Firewall configuration
  • Router installation
  • Wireless routing

Whether your property is an industrial facility, an apartment complex, an office building, or any kind of commercial area, Adtek Advanced Technologies has you covered. We provide network installation to beef up your business security and ensure a reliable connection.

Modern IP security systems need proper network cable installation which allows devices to connect to a data network. The typical installation considers a wide range of devices communicating with one another at the same time which is why proper cabling is needed. Most businesses require complex cabling infrastructure which calls for the right professionals. That’s what Adtek Advanced Technologies is here for; improving your network security and providing top-notch network installation services.

Types of Network Installations

There are different types of cables used for a network installation. A typical network cabling installation may use any of the following:

  • CAT6 and CAT5 Ethernet cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Twisted pair cables

A certain type of cable will be used depending on the usage, considering factors such as data transmission speed and the distance between devices in a network.

CAT6 and CAT5 cables are often used for high-speed data transmission. To reduce the need for other wires, a PoE or Power over Ethernet device is used to provide power. CAT6 and CAT5 cables are normally run through walls which then connect to a network video recorder or a server.

Fiber optic cables, on the other hand, provide connection in a wider network, bridging long distances. Unlike copper cables, fiber optics are made out of glass. This means they offer more speed and reliability since light is transferred instead of electrical signals.

Telephones and server rooms use voice and data cables to connect with one another. They are common in office buildings which are run through walls and ceilings, away from sight.

Our technicians at Adtek Advanced Technologies understand the need for fast and secure data transmission. That’s why we first consider your system needs, allowing us to offer the best and most cost-effective installation possible. Adtek Advanced Technologies experts perform a thorough examination of your area to provide the best cabling installation.

We cater to all business sizes, taking on existing low-voltage cabling projects and new installations. If you need wireless security services, network integration, computer network installation, equipment, or security software, Adtek Advanced Technologies can help. We understand that your business has unique needs and we are here to design and provide custom network cabling. We are experts when it comes to hybrid, wired, and wireless network infrastructures. Our team will also be there for system maintenance or for your upgrade needs.

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Adtek Advanced Technologies
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