Network Firewalls

Network FirewallsPrivate networks are vulnerable to attacks without a properly functioning firewall. The purpose of a network firewall is to filter out traffic. The firewall policies dictate which traffic is allowed and the rest are blocked. This makes access to the network restricted and limits the chances of an attack. A network firewall is a network’s first line of defense, acting as a liaison between external and internal devices.

There are many ways on how to configure a network firewall. It could be configured in a way that data entering or exiting passes through it. A properly configured network firewall allows users to freely access any resources they need in a given network without worrying about hackers, worms, viruses, or any kind of malicious program trying to gain access.

Firewall Categories

Firewalls are divided into two categories. One is hardware and the other is software. Firewalls can also limit access to a computer in a given network. Incoming and outgoing traffic can be logged. Other than that, a firewall can effectively manage remote access via secure authentication certificates and logins.

Both home and corporate networks rely on firewalls for data protection. Even a simple firewall program can effectively sift through all passing information through the network. The firewall can be configured to fit the needs of the user.

When a computer using a public IP address that does not use a firewall is most vulnerable to attacks. Any information on the computer can be accessed by attackers from across the globe. This is the primary reason why computer networks connected to the internet need to be protected by firewalls and other security applications.

Malicious attacks could easily succeed in infiltrating these networks without a firewall in place. For overall defense against these attacks, a business should have a clear computer security plan. This will protect every single computer on the network that connects to the internet.

Nowadays, data is mostly stored on cloud servers. Any cloud-hosted application needs to have uninterrupted network availability and easy access.

Adtek Advanced Technologies can provide firewall hardware, virtual, and cloud-based firewalls to protect your network. We can improve your network security through the use of cloud-generation firewall technology which includes the following:

  • Instruction prevention
  • Web filtering
  • Malware and advanced threat protection
  • Network access control
  • Antispam protection

Through these methods, we can provide full protection for your entire network, providing the same level of protection as your business grows.

Over the years, firewalls have come a long way. Aside from filtering and monitoring internet traffic, the latest firewall technology comes with a wide range of features that will benefit small and large operations alike.

Private organizations want to keep their data away from the prying eyes of individuals on the internet. Security is a top priority for any business and that’s what firewalls are for. They filter data transmitted through the internet, making sure that nothing leaks out and anyone trying to enter is stopped on their tracks. Like other areas of technology, firewall technology has evolved throughout the years. In terms of efficacy and flexibility, firewalls nowadays are more sophisticated and secure.

Network FirewallsThe new breed of firewalls are more complex and comes with more features rather than just sift through traffic. They can inspect at the application layer, inspect SSL traffic, intrusion prevention, and more. These firewalls can be deployed in numerous areas such as inside the network and within a host to protect virtual workloads.

However, firewalls are not perfect on their own. Regardless of the complexity of firewalls, they can’t stop everything on their own. They do not detect threats that have infiltrated through social engineering, Bring Your Own Device or BYOW, and through insider threats. This is why other security tools should be deployed alongside firewalls.

Unlike traditional firewalls, next-generation variants come with loads of features. Depending on the firewall vendor, the features may vary. Some may include the following:

  • threat intelligence
  • malware detection
  • data loss protection
  • DDoS defense

Businesses need to stack their defenses by acquiring numerous security functionalities that cover numerous zones. Next-generation firewalls come with more integrations for the best SMB security solution. Features like the following are usually integrated:

  • Antivirus
  • VPN
  • Identity awareness

Adtek Advanced Technologies offers the widest range of security solutions which adds layers of protection against zero day exploits, ransomware, and other high-level threats.

Over the years, conventional network firewalls have protected businesses. However, digital threats are evolving each year. That’s why businesses should always be ahead of the game by applying security solutions before threats become real problems.

Business organizations that handle internal, consumer, and end-user data must have a firewall and security measures in place. This is to allow for a smooth operation without fear of cybersecurity breaches.

Can you say for certain that your data is well-protected? If you have any kind of doubts, now is the time to act. Call Adtek Advanced Technologies for a network evaluation today.

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