Managed IT Services

Managed IT ServicesBusinesses can cut costs and improve operations through managed IT services. Responsibilities such as maintenance, anticipating business needs, and more are all covered. Managed services is an effective alternative to the on-demand outsourcing model where billing is done only for the work done.

By using a subscription model, the client works with a managed services provider or MSP. The client has complete authority over the system or organization that is being managed. The MSP, on the other hand, delivers the necessary managed services. The client and the MSP agrees to a contract, binding both parties to a set rules that dictates performance and quality metrics.

Through the adoption of managed services, businesses can scale their operations while being updated on the latest technology, gain access to certain skills, and address cost, risk, and quality of service issues. Many large corporations, as well as SMBs, are moving to the cloud. At the same time managed services providers are also facing a bigger challenge of providing in-house cloud services or acting as brokers for cloud service providers. According to a recent survey, the lack of understanding and expertise in cloud technology is the biggest factor that deters businesses from adopting cloud infrastructure than reluctance to transition.

Managed IT services often focus on certain fields of information technology such as:

  • Virtualization
  • Technical support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Network security and monitoring
  • Bandwidth and connectivity

Managed IT ServicesManaged IT services providers are basically service providers that offer different kinds of services to their clients. MSPs are also responsible for proactively determining the services of clients rather than the other way around. In most cases, MSPs bill their clients an upfront fee for transition or setup. Afterward, clients are billed a fixed or near-fixed monthly fee. This will allow clients to predict what IT services they get as well as the overall cost for the services. An MSP is rather important, especially in disaster recovery. Managed services providers offer a huge room to grow for businesses with limited financial capacity.

Your business is more than just a company. It is your livelihood which is why it is important to keep it going, have it equipped with a running IT network, and the right tools for all your technology needs. Adtek Advanced Technologies is here to provide you reliable IT services backed by an experienced team.

Focusing on an in-house IT team will cost businesses a lot of money. This is considering the fact that IT requirements are rapidly changing as technology continues to evolve. Businesses will spend even more money on protection against online threats. Other than that, companies need to make sure their data is safely kept through reliable means.

Businesses can greatly suffer from a mismanaged IT network. Companies could potentially experience financial consequences for the lack of proper IT management. Data and other confidential files are vulnerable if a business does not subscribe to robust IT services. On the other hand, by opting for a managed services provider, businesses can take care of all their IT needs, keep their network safe, minimize downtime, and improve business flow.

According to data, the number of businesses choosing to hire a managed services provider continues to grow. Around 90% or SMBs are outsourcing some, if not all, of their IT workload.

Below are some of the benefits of managed IT services:

  • Visibility – detailed reports allow companies to efficiently manage their IT resources, helping them make the right decisions.
  • Increased productivity – an IT service provider offers better network monitoring and maintenance. This entails fewer downtimes leading to an increase in productivity.
  • Better focus – companies can focus more on their core business through outsourcing their IT needs via an MSP.
  • Fewer downtimes – one of the major selling points of managed IT services is the reduction of downtime. As MSPs become more proactive, businesses can be alerted of any possible issues ahead of time, effectively reducing downtime.
  • Cost control – businesses can keep track of everything through automated asset management.
  • Consistency – by hiring an MSP, businesses can be ensured of consistency including upgrades and performance.
  • Automation – there are risks involved with manual network maintenance. However, network automation resolves and human-related errors.

SMBs and large corporations alike need a reliable IT infrastructure. As a business grows, the challenge of keeping the IT infrastructure updates also escalates. On the other hand, a flexible managed IT program provides clients with all of their IT needs without any compromises.

Data security and IT management are an ever-increasing need among businesses nowadays. Threats are evolving which is why the need for risk management is greater nowadays.

If you are a business owner, find out how Adtek Advanced Technologies can provide reliable services to better protect the interests of your organization.

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