managed it services rock hill scAny enterprise that wants to improve the way they manage IT has three basic options.

  • They can take over the entire technology department
  • You can reduce the workload by working with a local IT service provider where responsibilities are managed jointly
  • You can also rely completely on managed service providers for your IT solutions

While managed IT and co-managed IT may be very different, many aspects are similar or identical. These are just a few examples. These same rules apply to managed IT and co-managed IT. It is possible to reduce downtime and lower costs by having more experts watching your IT infrastructure. This will reduce downtime and allow you to save on hardware replacements or repairs.

Advantages  of Managed IT Services

  1. it supportExpert personnel with years of experience: working with a managed IT service provider will provide valuable insight for your IT staff on how to manage and maintain technology solutions. These IT providers are highly skilled and dedicated.
  2. Provide valuable insights into regulations and compliance. IT professionals can advise clients on compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH. Even if you have an IT department in place, industry standards are always changing so it is important to hire professionals.
  3. This will mean that you have less to do when it comes to human resources and hiring. It can be exhausting to hire new employees. It will pay off in the long-term to work with an IT provider such as Adtek Advanced Technologies in Rock Hill SC.
  4. A team is always available: The service agreement will specify who will be there to assist with any technical issues. Even if technicians aren’t available, you can have someone watch your critical systems.
  5. Remote access simplifies maintenance: Technicians can complete maintenance remotely, without ever having to visit your site. Remote access reduces downtime, and improves service efficiency for both sides. Many problems may be solved remotely.
  6. Help desk support: Need quick assistance? Do you have any questions about technology? Help desk services can be contacted by employees to address any tech issues. Your managed provider will then handle these tickets. This service is a valuable tool that allows employees to be more efficient in their work and reduces the IT department’s burden.
  7. Managed vendor management: It can be exhausting to deal so many vendors for your hardware and software solutions. Managed IT providers take over this responsibility and give you one point for all technology questions. This eliminates the need to deal with technology vendors. You just need to contact the managed services provider.

Below is a list which explains the differences in managed IT services and comanaged IT. This list shows how managed IT can be beneficial for companies because it removes them from technical obligations and allows them focus on the important things. Adtek Advanced Technologies is a managed service provider that allows you to take a more active role in the management of your IT solutions.

Co-Managed IT

  • Participation in the IT department of the company
  • Flexibility to adjust to changing requirements and add new operations
  • This allows for greater innovation and freedom of IT staff

Managed IT

  • Assumes total responsibility for your IT department
  • It is independent and doesn’t require company resources
  • It can be used as a virtual CEO
  • It eliminates the need for IT staff

Potential consumer concerns

Outsourcing IT services can be imperfect. There will always be problems. Adtek can help dispel common myths about managed IT services. These services can be fully managed or co-managed.

1 Misconception – Outsourcing can result in lower customer service. Outsourcing can lead to poor customer service, according to some organizations. Because the task is being outsourced to someone other than their IT department. Actually, it is the reverse. Transparency and clear communication are key to client relationships. Our goal is to provide the best client experience possible. By providing quality customer service, local managed service providers enhance brand loyalty and build relationships with clients.

2 Misconception: You must outsource to offshore IT firms. Many companies will search for outsourced IT, but only find offshore services from other countries. This can lead to discrepancies in operations because of language and time differences. You don’t have to use an offshore service provider if you require managed IT services. Adtek is a South Carolina based managed service provider that can help you succeed in your chosen industry.

Do you want to know the cost of managed IT services. Are you looking to outsource IT management to a managed service provider? Adtek believes that a solution will help your business grow safely, securely, efficiently, and effectively. Find out more.