IT ServicesIs Your Small Business Struggling with IT?

Many small businesses struggle to find, train and retain the right IT talent in order to keep their technology current. Our services are available to small and growing business owners, who may not want to manage IT services.

We can assist small businesses with IT services:

Take IT out of your hands, and we’ll deliver a monthly cost that you can afford so you can concentrate on your business. You can reduce disruptions in your business by updating old technology and moving away form the “break/fix” support model. A single point of contact to provide faster IT support, consistent responses and quicker resolution times

  • Your data and systems are protected and backed-up
  • Use cloud infrastructure and apps to improve your business’s efficiency
  • You can save time that would otherwise be spent on managing multiple vendors, hiring and training them
  • IT Outsourcing Solutions for Small Businesses

It may not be economically feasible to hire a full-time IT staff for small businesses. However, you might still need urgent IT services.

Scalable Support and Services

Outsourcing IT allows you to get the support that you need, when and where you need it. This is without having to pay salaries for internal resources. You don’t pay for more than you need. We can scale up and down services according to your needs.

Predictable Budgeting

You can have predictable monthly costs with Service Level Agreements or a Managed Services partnership and be confident in the support levels that meet your business needs.

cloud computingCloud for Small Business

We can help you whether you’re looking to migrate certain functions to the cloud, or if you want to discover new cloud apps and features that you can use.

  • Cloud Assessment and Migration
  • We can evaluate your company, current technology and requirements to determine if the cloud is right for you.
  • Office365 Suite for Small Business
  • Cloud Support and Backups

IT Security for Small Businesses

It can be hard to protect small businesses from cyber threats. It requires a solid knowledge of IT security best practices, as well as the ability to train and update users about what to do.

Assess your Risk Level

To identify security holes in your environment, we can perform a flat-rate vulnerability assessment. We will scan your entire infrastructure, including all websites, devices and firewall configurations, for potential vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness Training

Your team can receive security awareness training to help them identify and avoid ransomware, phishing attempts and other cyber threats.

Stop IT issues preventing your business from growing. Get a 30-minute consultation with an IT expert in your industry. Contact Adtek Advanced Technologies today.