network cablingThe type of cabling you choose for your computer network will ultimately affect performance and functionality. Choosing the type of network cabling will depend on a number of factors such as existing bandwidth requirements, network environment, future upgrades, and your budget. Businesses alike will need to establish a strong computer network built on solid infrastructure involving the right type of cabling. This article will shed some light on which type of network cabling is best suited for your operations.

Understanding your current bandwidth requirements

Size is a huge factor when it comes to network bandwidth. Basically, when you have 15 workstations, the bandwidth requirement will be on the low side. However, when the number of workstations rises to about 100 units, the bandwidth requirement grows dramatically. Think of your computer network as a set of interconnected highways. When there isn’t enough room for a lot of traffic, congestion starts to happen and it will travelers more time to reach their destination. Your computer network works in the same fashion. There needs to be enough bandwidth to cater to the data needs of businesses. Your company’s bandwidth requirement will heavily rely on the data that’s being transmitted within the network and onto the internet.

Ways of getting the ideal bandwidth for your operations

Most of the time, companies use a software called network analyzer to check the network traffic and understand the needs of the business. Windows servers also have a tool of their own called Network Monitor which does the same thing and is more popular. If you find that your IT team is lacking or don’t have one in place, you should consider hiring a network expert like Adtek Advanced Technologies. For businesses, it is easier to hire a third-party contractor than to build an in-house IT team. Outsourcing this task will make it easier for the company to grow without the constraints of delivering consistent IT support.

Analyzing the current network environment

Most companies already have a computer network in place. However, there’s always a lot to improve on. To determine the network cabling needs, the current network environment needs to be inspected. There are different types of networking cables available ranging from Cat5e or Cat6 or fiber optic cables. Such cables have their own set of applications. This is why it is necessary to understand the current network setup build upon the existing infrastructure, provide improvements, and future-proof the entire network.

Bandwidth requirements for the future

Another aspect that businesses need to focus on is the future of the computer network and the growing needs of the company. Bandwidth requirements evolve over time. In some occasions, preparing for the future is somewhat speculative. However, future-proofing the data infrastructure always pays off. Planning ahead will allow for seamless expansions as sales and business opportunities grow. Laying out the right kind of network cabling will always be beneficial. Installing fiber optic cabling, for instance, will provide a wider range of possibilities.

Your company’s budget

Ultimately, companies are bound to their budget. The growth and expansion of the network will always be determined by how much the company is willing to spend. Working with an industry expert like Adtek Advanced Technologies will ensure that the network cabling needs of a company are met whilst avoiding overspending.

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