Commercial Security Systems


Commercial Security SystemsStatistics from the FBI showed that there’s a burglary somewhere in the United States every 12 seconds. This massive burglary problem has cost businesses and homeowners $3.4 billion every single year.

With commercial security systems in place, businesses have a solid line of defense against crime, reducing insurance premiums in the process. Such systems include features like the following:

  • Video surveillance monitoring
  • Access control
  • Wireless integration
  • Automatic alerts and notifications

With these safety measures in place, companies can rest assured that their property and employees are safe and sound.

Security cameras

According to data from the FBI, more than half of burglaries happen after business hours when there are no employees around. However, surveillance videos never fail and continue recording 24/7. The most advanced security cameras are equipped with high-definition sensors that could capture crystal clear images, allowing businesses and law enforcement to easily track down intruders.

Security cameras can be set to record at certain times of the day. They can even be configured to start recording when motion is detected in a particular area. These cameras can also be configured to save data locally or into the cloud. Nowadays, surveillance systems can be accessed through the internet via computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The mere fact that security cameras are installed lowers the risk of theft and vandalism. Without cameras, though, the risks of intrusion are quite high.  Cameras set in highly visible areas are enough to deter would-be criminals from intruding into your premises.

Access control

What commercial access control does is track foot traffic entering and leaving your facility. Other than that, these systems also prevent the leak of important assets including trade secrets, sensitive data, and more. Depending on the level of security needed, access control uses either PIN codes, biometrics, key cards, or other methods.

Employees can work in peace, knowing that guests won’t have access to the workplace. At the same time, the entire operation of your business can be recorded 24/7.

Access control can also be configured in a way that uses hierarchies, providing different levels of security. Employees with low-level clearance cannot access certain files or sections of the building. These settings can also be changed as quickly as they can be set if the need arises. Custom schedules can also be defined, limiting the number of people who are allowed during certain times of the day or days of the week.

External attacks are quite common. However, internal attacks are also a threat. That’s why access controls, like firewalls, can be set to block any illicit efforts by rogue employees, stopping them on their tracks. The system could also prevent time theft by logging in when employees log in and out, making sure everyone is productive.

Emergency detection and alarms

The great thing about commercial security systems is that they go beyond preventing attacks and intrusion. They also send alerts when there’s a fire, natural disaster, and even when there’s carbon monoxide. New and improved fire and smoke detectors can be set to send notifications if there’s something wrong with the facility.

Integration, monitoring, and administration

While a good commercial security system needs to be complicated enough to deter burglary and vandalism, they also need to be simple enough that business owners and managers can easily use them. And that’s where Adtek Advanced Technologies comes in.

Our experts analyze the core needs of your business and create a custom-tailored solution that will keep your business safe and secure. Our full-service integration and installation has what it takes to provide a system that helps your business deter crime and keep your employees and property safe.

Commercial Security Systems10 Reasons why security systems are assets to your company

Are security systems really that effective? Does your business need to have security systems installed? If you are a business owner, you know for a fact that protecting your interests take time, money, and the right systems. Investing in security systems is not just a waste of money, it allows your business to grow without worrying about internal or external attacks.

  1. Theft is hampered by security systems

The primary reason to have security systems in place is to keep burglars away. The majority of intruders are deterred at first sight of security cameras and alarms. The mere though that their faces will be caught on camera will be enough to stop them.

  1. Security systems increase employee productivity

CCTVs are not only just to deter would-be criminals. They are also useful for improving employee productivity. Knowing that there are cameras in place, employees will be kept from slacking off or sleeping at work.

  1. Employee theft will be deterred

Theft can be done by both intruders and employees. However, theft can be greatly reduced with the installation of security systems. Cameras and access controls can prevent employees from getting access and steal company property.

  1. 4. Security systems attract customers

Surveillance cameras deter criminals but they can attract more customers to your establishment. Knowing that there are cameras all around makes customers feel safe.

  1. Security systems boost your corporate reputation

Customers, employees, and even your investors will be impressed when you have security systems in place. Having those goes to show that you are serious about security, boosting your reputation in the process.

  1. CCTVs and alarms add an extra layer of protection to your business

Security guards might be your first line of physical defense. However, CCTVs are also quite important especially since guards can’t do everything on their own. Having surveillance cameras allow for a more secure environment.

  1. Security systems allow for easy procurement of evidence

In case of forced entry or theft, video recordings can provide solid evidence against the culprits. Surveillance videos often provide identifiable images to be used for arrest and prosecution.

  1. Security cameras help law enforcement in deterring crime

Once a burglary has been done, catching the culprits is out of your hand. However, this does not mean you can’t help. Surveillance videos will be useful for law enforcement in identifying suspects and putting them behind bars.

  1. Your establishment is protected against unauthorized entry

Every business has trade secrets, sensitive documents, and other information that should not be leaked into the public. Having security systems in place prevents data leakage both digitally and physically.

  1. Security systems reduce insurance premiums

Insurance companies charge a high premium if your business does not have enough security systems in place. Having them, on the other hand, save you money through deterred crime and lowered insurance premiums.

Adtek Advanced Technologies provides custom commercial security systems for individual business needs. Whatever security challenges you might face, we can help you with them. If you have any questions about commercial security solutions, call us today!

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