Network Installation and Monitoring Charlotte NC

Network Installation Charlotte NCNetwork Installation

We value our client’s time. Because we work with a variety of clients, every minute is important. We make sure that your network installation goes according to schedule. Adtek Advanced Technologies is committed to providing our clients with peace-of-mind through high-quality work, prompt installation, and premium products.

Adtek Advanced Technologies is available to assist you with any of your project needs, from site surveys to network installation and management. We offer extended manufacturer warranties for all Adtek products and supplies once a project has been finished. We guarantee a tested, certified cabling system that meets the current standards. We will provide comprehensive test reports and labeling plans.

Adtek Advanced Technologies is equipped to install any type or cabling system. Our expert team can handle the most complex IT installations quickly, efficiently, and at a cost-effective price. Adtek Advanced Technologies can help you with network management and network installation.

Network Firewalls Charlotte NC

network firewallsCharlotte NCA properly functioning firewall can make private networks vulnerable to attacks. Traffic is blocked by a network firewall. Traffic is restricted according to firewall policies. This prevents an attacker from gaining access to the network. Network firewalls are the first line of defense for a network. They act as a link between internal and external devices.

There are many methods to configure a firewall network. You can configure it so that data is allowed to enter or leave the firewall. A network firewall properly configured allows users to access all resources within a network without having to worry about hackers, viruses, worms, or other malicious programs trying to gain access.

Adtek Advanced Technologies provides firewall hardware, virtual, as well as cloud-based firewalls for protecting your network. Our cloud-generation firewall technology includes the following. This will improve your network security.

  • Instruction prevention
  • Web filtering
  • Advanced threat protection against malware
  • Network access control
  • Antispam protection

We can offer full protection to your entire network using these methods. This will allow you to grow your business with the same level protection.

Managed IT Service Charlotte NC

managed IT services Charlotte NCData indicates that the number of businesses who choose to use managed service providers is on the rise. Around 90% of small and medium-sized businesses outsource some, or all, their IT workload.

Here are some of the many benefits of managed IT service:

Visibility – detailed reports enable companies to manage their IT resources effectively, which helps them make the right decision.

Increased productivity comes from IT service providers that offer better network monitoring and maintenance. This results in fewer downtimes which can lead to an increase of productivity.

Focus can be improved – Companies can concentrate more on their core businesses by outsourcing their IT needs to an MSP.

Managed IT services offer a lower downtime – this is one of their major selling points. MSPs can alert businesses of possible problems before they happen, which reduces downtime.

Cost control – Businesses can track everything with automated asset management.

Employing an MSP can guarantee consistency, including performance upgrades.

Automation – Manual network maintenance is not without risks. But network automation eliminates human-related errors.

Large corporations and SMBs alike require reliable IT infrastructure. As businesses grow, so does the need to keep the IT infrastructure updated. Flexible managed IT programs, on the other side, provide clients with all of their IT requirements without any compromises.

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their data security and manage IT. Risk management is becoming more critical as new threats emerge.

Adtek Advanced Technologies provides reliable services to protect your company’s interests, whether you are a business proprietor.

Commercial Security Systems Charlotte NC

commercial security systems Charlotte NC

The FBI statistics showed that every 12 seconds, there’s a crime in the United States. This enormous burglary problem has cost homeowners and businesses $3.4 billion annually.

Commercial security systems provide businesses with a solid line against crime and reduce insurance premiums. You will find the following features in such systems:

  • Video surveillance monitoring
  • Access control
  • Wireless integration
  • Notifications and automatic alerts

Companies can be confident that their employees and property will be safe with these safety measures.

Our experts assess your core business needs and develop a custom-tailored solution to keep your business secure and safe. Our team can help you integrate and install a system that will protect your business from crime and your employees.

Adtek Advanced Technologies can provide custom-designed security systems for your individual business needs. No matter what security problems you might be facing, we can help. We are available to answer any questions you might have about commercial security solutions.

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